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13th Rencontres internationales du documentaire de Montréal, Nov. 10 to 21

The 13th Rencontres internationales du documentaire de Montréal (RIDM) has announced its programming. This year's festival takes place Nov. 10-21 and opens with Stephanie Lanthier's Les Fros. The closing night film will be Lucy Walker's Waste Land which was just nominated for the  IDA Documentary Awards' top prize.

In between, you'll be able to catch many of the major hits on the festival circuit, such as those from Sundance (The People vs. George Lucas), Hot Docs (A Drummer's Dream) or the Toronto International Film Festival (Pink Saris). But be sure to catch some of RIDM's own discoveries. In the 2009 RIDM, one of the breakout films was the world premiere of Last Train Home by Lixin Fan, which won the Cinémathèque québécoise award for best film from Quebec/ Canada. It then went on to win numerous other awards at other festivals including the top prize at the world's largest documentary festival, the International Documentary Festival of Amsterdam (IDFA).

complete list of films for the 13th Rencontres internationales du documentaire de Montréal

12th & Delaware
Heidi Ewing, Rachel Grady | 2010 | english | 87 min
At the corner of 12th Avenue and Delaware in Fort Pierce, Florida, a pro-life organization declares war on its neighbour—an abortion clinic. The activists have decided to physically remove the clinic’s clients, by whatever means necessary.

17 August (17 Avgusta)
Alexander Gutman | 2009 | russian | s.t. anglais | 52 min
A single jail cell and its occupant, a man who will never leave. His crime: triple murder. But he’ll never talk about it. Confined to a body and place with no future, forgotten by all, he prays. His prayers aren’t addressed to the camera, himself or even to God...

1981 Regressionists

Daniel Ducheck | 2010 | english | 86 min
Philip and Daniel are childhood friends. Both born in 1981, they discover the liberating power of alcohol at around 15. While intoxicated, they create music and movies; sessions that they refer to as ''regressions''. By 26, Philip is a full-blown alcoholic...

24 heures ou plus
Gilles Groulx | 1973 | french | 113 min
A film made at a particularly feverish moment in Quebec history, during the aftermath of the 1970 October Crisis. Charges full speed ahead...

A Drummer's Dream
John Walker | 2010 | english | 85 min
Indeed, this is a dream come true for 40 youngsters whose instrument is the drum! At the instigation of Nasyr Abdul Al-Khabyr, a Canadian drummer who played with Dizzy Gillespie for six years, they found themselves attending a special drum camp. They got to listen to, and learn from, legendary drummers...

Aisheen - Still Alive in Gaza
Nicolas Wadimoff | 2010 | arabic | s.t. français | 86 minGaza, 2009. Children growing up in the school of war. Professionals of resourcefulness, skilled in survival, they, like their parents, must continue to live while still trying to build towards an uncertain future.

Albert's Winter (Alberts Vinter)

Andreas Koefoed | 2009 | danish | s.t. anglais | 30 min
Young Albert likes catching snowflakes on his tongue, getting into snowball fights, looking out the window, singing, soccer, baking cakes, and going to parties. And he likes his mother, naturally...

Janus Metz | 2010 | english, pashto, danish | s.t. anglais | 101 min
Armadillo, a Danish army camp on the frontlines of the war in Afghanistan, is just a few kilometres from Taliban positions.

Audience Award Winner
The fortunate winner of the 2010 Audience Award will be announced at the closing ceremony on November 20. Be ready!

Autumn Gold
Jan Tenhaven | 2010 | swedish, italian, english, german, czech | s.t. anglais | 94 min
They’re everywhere in Europe. They eat blocks of yeast for the Vitamin B, and take calcium supplements. They’re breaking records in high jump, the 100 metres, shot put and discus. They’re in great shape and plan to outlive the rest of us – despite their white hair...

Beyond This Place
Kaleo La Belle | 2010 | english | s.t. français | 95 min
He has a deep and soft voice; an inviting smile, fine lines at the corner of his bright eyes. To anyone Cloud Rock La Belle, an aging hippie who has still not returned from his trip, is a charming man despite his drug addictions. But to his son Kaleo, he has been a stranger for over 30 years...

Blank City
Celine Danhier | 2010 | english | 93 min
New York, Lower East Side, the 70s. Members of an underground arts community decide to borrow some Super 8 and 16 mm cameras. No money? No worries, they’ll make their movies for nothing. The result? The experimental No Wave movement, a group of provocative independent filmmakers...

Blood Relation (Kirvat dam)
Noa Ben Hagai | 2009 | arabic, hebrew | s.t. français | 75 min
In the 1940s, Pnina, a fourteen-year-old Israeli girl, vanishes into thin air. Is it a kidnapping or did she elope? The reasons behind her disappearance remain vague to this day.

Chercher le courant

Nicolas Boisclair, Alexis de Gheldere | 2010 | french | s.t. français | 90 min
Plans for the construction of four mega-dams on the Romaine, which would harness one of Quebec’s last untouched major rivers with hydroelectric installations, unleashed a flurry of debate and raised questions about the transparency and motives...

Cleveland contre Wall Street
Jean-Stéphane Bron | 2010 | english | s.t. français | 98 min
Can a documentary stand in for reality if it serves the common good? That’s the intriguing premise of Cleveland vs. Wall Street.

Congo in Four Acts
Dieudo Hamadi, Kiripi Katembo Siku, Divita Wa Lusala | 2010 | lingala, french | s.t. français | 69 min
In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, absolutely nothing works. A maternity ward becomes a prison when women who go there to give birth can’t afford the fees.

Cool It
Ondi Timoner | 2010 | english | 98 min
Count on controversial environmentalist Bjørn Lomborg to have the temerity to launch an attack on Al Gore’s venerated enviro-doc, An Inconvenient Truth. Known for his unorthodox views, Lomberg doesn’t question the fact that global warming exists, but is deeply skeptical...

Countryside 35x45 (Glubinka 35x45)
Evgeny Solomin | 2009 | russian | s.t. anglais | 43 min
“Not long ago, in a remote countryside in Siberia, the old Soviet passports were being replaced with the new Russian ones. To issue a new passport, the countrymen needed to submit their pictures, 35x45 mm in size.”

Cry Rock (Kwanatulhayc)
Banchi Hanuse | 2010 | nuxalk, english | s.t. français | 29 min
In Bella Coola Valley, British Columbia, the Elders of the Nuxalk people hold a power: they are the keepers of the stories, and of the spirits that animate them, and they can transmit them in their original language to future generations through oral tradition.

Cuchillo de palo (108)
Renate Costa | 2010 | spanish | s.t. français | 90 min
Filmmaker Renate Costa tries to understand why her uncle Rodolfo was found dead, naked, in front of his house in Asunción, capital of Paraguay.

Des marelles et des petites filles
Marquise Lepage | 1999 | french | 52 min
Around the world, through poverty, perversion, spite, ignorance or superstition, adults shatter the dreams of young girls by denying them the right to an education, entering them into...

Détroit ville sauvage (Detroit Wild City)
Florent Tillon | 2010 | english | s.t. français | 80 min
Falcons nest in its abandoned skyscrapers. Weeds sprout through broken sidewalks. Blighted apartment buildings fester with vermin. Hundreds of stray pit bulls roam the streets. A city reeling with violence. No, these are not scenes from Hollywood’s latest...

Disco and Atomic War (Disko ja tuumasõda)
Jaak Kilmi | 2009 | russian, finnish, estonian | s.t. anglais | 80 min
Is disco innocent? Not at all. In Cold War-era Estonia, it was a weapon just as dangerous as the H bomb. The apparatchiks had no idea what to do about those unruly shocks of hair, the kids who refused to dance in a straight line – and especially that music! Part cloak-and-dagger tale, part absurdist comedy...

Dish: Women, Waitressing & the Art of Service
Maya Gallus | 2010 | japanese, french, english | s.t. anglais | 68 min
From Ontario’s truck stops to the finest restaurants in Paris, from Montreal’s topless bars to Japan’s maid cafés, director Maya Gallus, herself a former waitress, takes a panoramic look at women who live from the art of waiting tables. While for many it’s just a job where tips mean survival...

Family Affair

Chico Colvard | 2010 | english | 82 min
At 10 years old, little Chico David Colvard shot his sister Paula in the leg. Thirty years later, with a guilt that continues to eat away at him, he decides to rupture the veils of family secrecy and silence in an attempt to understand the unimaginable: how could his three sisters forgive...

GaslandJosh Fox | 2010 | english | 107 min
This award-winning film at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival is a serious, yet humorous, investigation on how the oil and gas industry in the USA has benefited from changes brought to federal environmental laws by the Bush administration. They led to a national rush to drill...

Grace, Milly, Lucy... Child Soldiers
Raymonde Provencher | 2010 | acholi, english | s.t. français | 73 min
Grace Akallo is an unusual symbol of resiliance. Kidnapped by ARS rebels terrorizing northern Uganda, this girl soldier managed, through sheer determination, to escape the spiral of horror.

I Wish I Knew (Hai shang chuan qi)

Jia Zhang-ke | 2010 | mandarin | s.t. anglais | 118 min
In his fictional films, the surroundings smother characters to the point of voicelessness. In his documentaries, however, voices take centre stage in carefully crafted, opulent, and densely packed reconstructions of complex moments in history.

In the Wake of the Flood
Ron Mann | 2010 | english | 47 min
Canadian duo Ron Mann and Solomon Vesta (Grass and Go Further) bring this latest from national CanLit treasure, Margaret Atwood. Having barely blown out the candles marking her 70th, Atwood embarks upon an international tour...

Jake, Not Finished Yet
Ian Thomas Ash, Jake Janos Caswell | 2010 | english | s.t. français | 81 min
With great pleasure, Ian Thomas Ash gives us the opportunity to renew ties with, or become acquainted with Jake: the son of Vicki, a single mom and addict, both the subject of Ian’s earlier work The Ballad of Vicki and Jake. Five years later, Jake is a teen who intends to succeed in life...

Je serai là
Iphigénie Marcoux-Fortier, Karine van Ameringen | 2010 | zapotheque, spanish | s.t. français | 52 min
Though the land of the Oaxaca region of Mexico is very fertile, people try to seek fortune in the USA.  Following the daily life of five inhabitants of the small village of San Isidro Aloapan, this endearing documentary gives a new meaning to the exodus towards el Norte.

Jelena's Song
Pablo Alvarez-Mesa | 2010 | english | s.t. français | 28 min
A descent into the labyrinths of memory: Jelena and her recollections, happy or not, of childhood. Memories of when she lived in Croatia, and of when she lived in Canada.

Journal de voyage au Canada : La confrontation
Jean-Marie Drot | 1965 | french | 52 min
Chapter 3. Built around a poem by André Brochu, the third and final chapter brings together—in a massive boardroom on the 42nd floor of Place Ville-Marie...

Journal de voyage au Canada : La route

Jean-Marie Drot | 1964 | french | 52 min
Chapter 2. Drot leaves Montreal in search of the countryside. Gaspé faces, Saguenay landscapes,the Manic 5 mega-dam under construction...

Journal de voyage au Canada : Montréal... ou l'idée d'une certaine jeunesse
Jean-Marie Drot | 1964 | french | 52 min
Chapter 1. “Cinema is almost what the café once was.” Jacques Godbout’s recipe for meeting people through the medium of the cinema is also Drot’s. In their search for a renewed expression...

KatkaHelena TreŠtíková | 2010 | czech | s.t. anglais | 90 min
In 1996, Katka, a junkie since the age of 14, shares her life’s dream with her recovery group: once she gets clean, she wants to start a family. Twelve years later, beaten down by a never-ending cycle of relapse, prostitution and violence, an unexpected pregnancy gives Katka new inspiration...

Kill the Referee (Les arbitres)

Yves Hinant, Éric Cardot, Delphine Lehericey | 2009 | various | s.t. français | 77 min
Off-side, free kick, yellow card: the referees of the European Football Championship have only seconds in which to make their decisions, and almost all of them will be questioned by someone. But the rules are clear: a referee’s call is without appeal, no matter what the replays show...

Kings of Pastry

Chris Hegedus, D. A. Pennebaker , Chris Hegedus | 2010 | french, english | s.t. anglais | 84 min
They covered the campaigns of Kennedy and Clinton. They toured with Dylan, back in the day. They had onstage access to Ravi Shankar at Monterey Pop. D. A. Pennebaker and Chris Hegedus now turn their attention to some of the most powerful men in the world: pastry chefs...

L'Amour fou

Pierre Thoretton | 2010 | french | 98 min
1958: Pierre Bergé meets Yves Saint-Laurent. Fifty years later, following the death of the man he loved, Bergé tells their story. While auctioning off the spectacular art collection the couple amassed over a half century, Bergé recounts a tale of passion and torment, a rollercoaster of blinding success and emotional pain.

Denis Gheerbrant | 2009 | french | 53 min
Despite the left’s mistakes and fragmentation, die-hard activists fight for justice...

L'impostureÈve Lamont | 2010 | french | 93 min
Degraded, violated, disgusted, depressed… Sex workers eventually get fed up. Prostitution, however, is a vicious circle—and much easier to fall into than it is to get out of.

La danse - Le ballet de l'Opéra de Paris
Frederick Wiseman | 2009 | french | s.t. anglais | 159 min
The Paris Opera. A majestic landmark. Inside, backstage: an empty hallway. Onstage: the world’s greatest ballet company. In this free-flowing work, the distinguished Frederick Wiseman turns his meticulous and steady lens on ballet.

La nuit, elles dansentIsabelle Lavigne, Stéphane Thibault | 2010 | arabic | s.t. français | 85 min

La part d'ombre
Charles Gervais | 2009 | khmer, english, french | s.t. français | 72 min
A young Quebecoise woman of Cambodian descent decides to face the demons that are haunting her family by travelling back to Cambodia.

La reconstitution

Alain Pelletier | 2010 | french | s.t. anglais | 33 min

La reine malade
Pascal Sanchez | 2009 | french | 90 min
In less than a decade, Anicet Desrochers has become the hero of Quebec’s beekeepers, as well as an internationally renowned expert on sustainable agriculture. Since taking charge of his parents’ Hautes-Laurentides hives in 1998, however, there has been a spectacular collapse of the world’s bee colonies as a result of the industrialization of farmland...

La république
Denis Gheerbrant | 2009 | french | 85 min
Marseille gives itself a facelift: fixing up a street, putting in a tram... and kicking people out of their homes. Neighbours resist...

La totalité du monde
Denis Gheerbrant | 2009 | french | 18 min
One day, a specialized worker realizes that he doesn’t want to spend the rest of his life in a factory...

La vie a du charme

Jean-Philippe Duval | 1992 | french | 52 min

Land of Destiny

Brett Story | 2010 | english | 78 min
Welcome to Sarnia, the city with the highest concentration of petrochemical workers in North America. Three hundred kilometres southwest of Toronto, Sarnia’s 70,000 inhabitants have a half-century legacy of serious health problems and...

Le bateau en cartonJosé Vieira | 2010 | french, romany, romanian | s.t. français | 80 min
With its authentic portrayal of Roma immigrants in that country, the film examines daily life in their makeshift camps strung out along the highways as well as the dashed hopes of a population that had come in search of a better life, only to be turned away.

Le centre des rosiersDenis Gheerbrant | 2009 | french | 64 min
The magnificent dignity of those who, day after day, take a chance on living together...

Le grand monde
Marcel Simard | 1988 | french | 75 min
Based on a story written with a group of ex-psychiatric patients from Action-Santé de Pointe-Saint-Charles...

Les femmes de la Cité Saint-Louis
Denis Gheerbrant | 2008 | french | 53 min
They’re lively, funny, feisty, magnificent. Women recall 80 years of life in a public housing complex...

Les fros
Stéphanie Lanthier | 2010 | french | 71 min
They come from Romania, Mali, Russia and Albania… Each year, they come to fill the ranks of brush cutters, working alongside pur laine Quebecois forest workers.

Les quaisDenis Gheerbrant | 2008 | french | 46 min
Blue sky, blue sea, the beauty of the machines moving along the quays. A disillusioned longshoreman...

Les rêveurs de Mars (The Marsdreamers)
Richard Dindo | 2009 | english | s.t. français | 83 min
Mars is the solar system’s best candidate for human colonization: it’s relatively close to Earth, and its surface shows signs of the past presence of liquid water. In the United States, where people always seem ready to strike out for new frontiers, more than a few people are dreaming of settling...

Les tortues ne meurent pas de vieillesse
Hind Benchekroun, Sami Mermer | 2010 | french, arabic | s.t. français | 92 min
This film celebrates longevity in an amazing way. It introduces us to three colorful characters, all in their 80s, living in the North of Morocco.

Like Water Through Stone (A falta que me faz)
Marília Rocha | 2009 | portuguese | s.t. anglais | 85 min
In a remote mountainous region of Brazil, four girlfriends make a graceful transition from adolescence to adulthood.

L’étreinte du fleuve (Los abrazos del rio)
Nicolás Rincón Gille | 2010 | spanish | s.t. français | 72 min
An abrazo is a hug. With open arms it is a greeting, an embrace, but one that could easily slip into choking were it to close; an iron grasp.

L’homme aux serpentsEric Flandin | 2009 | spanish, french | s.t. français | 85 min
This road-movie features quite an amazing character, Franz Florez. This Columbian veterinarian, specializing in the care of snakes, is also a staunch defender of the primary forests of his country. They contain one of the richest biodiversities...

Machete Maidens Unleashed!
Mark Hartley | 2010 | tagalog, english | s.t. anglais | 84 min
Blood, breasts and beasts. That’s what the B movies are all about, right? In the 1970s, the Philippines provided a low-rent set for a number of controversial American filmmakers, including the legendary Roger Corman. They came to make ultra-violent exploitation films for a fraction of the usual cost...

Marseille dans ses replis
Denis Gheerbrant | 2009 | french | 45 min
In the city’s hidden corners we meet a tenant who’s too proud to show her unsanitary apartment, an ex-junkie, and...

Michael Berger. A Hysteria. (Michael Berger. Eine Hysterie.)
Thomas Fürhapter | 2010 | english | 50 min
Michael Berger, an ambitious Austrian in his early thirties, stands accused of fleecing investors of several million dollars through speculative trading.

Michel Chartrand, le combat d'une vie
Manuel Foglia | 2010 | french | 78 min
This is the story of a man who vowed to defend social justice and make it his priority for over sixty years. It is a portrait of Chartrand...

My Perestroika
Robin Hessman | 2010 | russian | s.t. anglais | 87 min
And what of Russia today, its dreams, its challenges, its defeats? My Perestroika asks this question and answers it with great sensitivity...

Neukölln Unlimited
Agostino Imondi, Dietmar Ratsch | 2010 | english, arabic, german | s.t. anglais | 96 min
Hassan, Lial and Maradona are three young people from a Lebanese family that has lived in Berlin’s Neukölln neighbourhood for 15 years but still lives in constant fear of deportation.

NUTSHIMIT - on the land
Sarah Sandring | 2010 | innu-aimun | s.t. anglais | 51 min

On the Other Side of Life

Stefanie Brockhaus, Andy Wolff | 2009 | english, xhosa | s.t. anglais | 88 min
Two teen brothers lead precarious lives in a South African township, sharing everything: food, a bed, friends… a murder charge… and time in prison.

Opération Diablo (Operación Diablo)

Stephanie Boyd | 2010 | quechua, english, spanish | s.t. français | 69 min
Activist Father Marco Arana, a pacifist priest, was the main architect of the compromise reached between farmers in the Cajamarca region of Peru and an American gold-mining company. Thanks to Father Arana’s efforts, the farmers

Pink Saris
Kim Longinotto | 2010 | hindi | s.t. anglais | 96 min
In the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, the caste system is alive and well. What could possibly be worse than being a member of the lowest caste, the dalit, or untouchables?

Plug & Pray
Jens Schanze | 2009 | italian, japanese, english, german | s.t. français | 91 min
Will robots rule our world? Myths and fantasies about artificial intelligence have been brewing for over 60 years. Director Jens Schanze looks back on the highs and lows of mankind’s ultimate dream: to appropriate God’s powers of life and death...

Québec rouge
Marcel Simard | 2003 | french | 52 min

Ragazze la vita trema
Paola Sangiovanni | 2009 | italian | s.t. français | 83 min
1960s and 70s Italy is relived through the memories of Alessandra, Liliana, Maria Paola and Marina, as well as archival footage, much of it from private collections and never before screened in public.

Red Shirley
Lou Reed | 2009 | english | 28 min

Regretters (Ångrarna)
Marcus Lindeen | 2010 | swedish | s.t. anglais | 58 min
Sitting on the set in front of a black curtain, with a slide projector as their only prop, Orlando Fagin and Mikael Johansson treat us to an incredible conversation. Emotions range from playful to raw as they explore their lives on the margins of marginality, as transsexual men who regret their reassignment...

Russian Lessons
Andrei Nekrasov , Olga Konskaya | 2010 | georgian, russian | s.t. anglais | 111 min

Ryan's Renaissance
Nicola Zavaglia | 2010 | english | s.t. français | 47 min

Sainte-Anne hôpital psychiatrique (St Anne's Psychiatric Hospital)Ilan Klipper | 2010 | french | s.t. anglais | 88 min
Director Ilan Klipper puts the techniques of direct cinema to good use in this disturbing film, made during several months spent with the patients of wards 15 and 17 of the Sainte-Anne psychiatric hospital in Paris.

Sex Magic
Eric Liebman, Jonathan Schell | 2009 | english | 80 min
Dez is a sacred sexual healer. He loves Maya, who loves him. Dez is polyamorous – he maintains several simultaneous intimate relationships. Maya doesn’t like that. Maya leaves Dez, who decides to win her back – manifest her – using sex magic, a spiritual ritual in which lovemaking is a form of prayer...

Silver Girls (Frauenzimmer)
Saara Aila Waasner | 2010 | german | s.t. anglais | 74 min
“I would say a good half hour all in all. That includes anything from kissing, petting and massage to oral sex, intercourse, role playing, erotic foot play, you name it. I work on my own here… and I’m 58.” Listening to Christel, Paula and Karolina, three Berlin prostitutes over 50 – but far from retirement...

Space Tourists
Christian Frei | 2009 | russian, english | s.t. anglais | 98 min
A source of patriotic pride and technological progress in the 20th century, the space race has become a new race altogether: the race to profit. An award winner at Sundance 2010, Space Tourists is an engrossing account of the decline of the Soviet space program and its recent rebirth...

Steam of Life (Miesten vuoro)Joonas Berghäll | 2010 | finnish | s.t. anglais | 80 min

Stones in Exile
Stephen Kijak | 2010 | english | s.t. français | 61 min
You’re invited to a little get-together with the Rolling Stones–in the basement of Keith Richards’ villa in Villefranche-sur-Mer, on the French Riviera. Filmed during the recording of one of the greatest rock albums of all time, Exile on Main Street, this documentary combines footage of impromptu jam sessions...

Tehran Without Permission (Tehran bedoune mojavez)
Sepideh Farsi | 2009 | persian | s.t. anglais | 83 min
Iranian filmmaker Sepideh Farsi explores her birthplace, Tehran, on foot and by taxi, a few months before the turmoil following the June 2009 election.

The Desert of Forbidden Art
Amanda Pope, Tchavdar Georgiev | 2010 | russian, english | s.t. anglais | 80 min
A film not only about a man and his work, but a wondrous yet unknown land, and the intersection of amazing destinies...

The Echo of Songs (El eco de las canciones)
Antonia Rossi | 2010 | spanish | s.t. anglais | 71 min
Many Chileans went in exile when a military junta came to power in 1973. Among them were the filmmaker’s parents who settled in Italy where she was born.

The Heart That Beats (Ce coeur qui bat)
Philippe Lesage | 2010 | french | s.t. anglais | 82 min
The human heart… It can ache. It can be poured out. It can flutter madly and even break. Whether the problem is physical or psychological, a troubled heart needs attention.

The Night Pasolini Died (La Notte quando è morto Pasolini)
Roberta Torre | 2009 | italian | s.t. anglais | 20 min

The Parking Lot Movie
Meghan Eckman | 2010 | english | 78 min
A movie about parking lot attendants. Just what we needed? Well, Clerks explored the humdrum world of convenience-store workers, and became a cult classic. As a documentary, The Parking Lot Movie works in much the same way: a discourse on North American life as explained by those stuck in unfulfilling, dead-end jobs...

The Passion According to the Polish Community of Pruchnik
Andreas Horvath, Monika Muskala | 2009 | polish | s.t. anglais | 30 min

The Peddler (El ambulante)
Eduardo de la Serna, Lucas Marcheggiano, Adriana Yurcovich | 2009 | spanish | s.t. anglais | 84 min
Daniel Burmeister travels in a beaten-up car from village to village in his native Argentina. He meets with the mayor and pitches the idea of shooting a film involving his community. In exchange, he only asks for room and board. He adapts one of his four or five scripts, all written in a tragic-comedic genre...

The People vs. George Lucas
Alexandre Philippe | 2010 | arabic, german, spanish, japanese, french, english | s.t. anglais | 93 min
Not so long ago, in a galaxy very, very close by, lived the people known as the Star Wars Fans. All they wanted was to worship their glorious leader, the almighty George Lucas. Living peacefully in their time warp, the Original Masterpieces guided every facet of their simple, carefree lives. But then...

The Woman with the 5 Elephants (Die Frau mit den 5 Elefanten)
Vadim Jendreyko | 2009 | russian, german | s.t. français | 93 min
Svetlana Geier is an esteemed translator of Russian literature into German, specializing in Dostoyevsky’s novels—the “five elephants” of the title.

Un homme de parole
Alain Chartrand | 1991 | french | 56 min
Having dedicated his life to defending workers’ rights, Michel Chartrand, strong advocate of social justice, shows himself to be a man of heart, complex and generous...

Erik Gandini | 2009 | english, italian | s.t. anglais | 80 min
In less than 30 years, Italy—the land of Dante, Leonardo and Galileo—has become a bawdy plutocracy of reality TV, gossip-obsessed press and sexist variety shows.

Voisins (Giran)

Tahani Rached | 2009 | english, french, arabic | s.t. français | 105 min
Tahani Rached’s films stand out because of her distinctive way of looking at the world, with sensibility and humor. This is recognizable in her journey to Garden City, the centre of politics in Cairo at the beginning of the 20th century.

War Games and the Man Who Stopped Them (Gry Wojenne)

Dariusz Jab?onski | 2009 | russian, english, polish | s.t. anglais | 113 min
He remains a traitor to some and a hero to others. One thing’s for sure: Colonel Ryszard Kuklinski was a spy who deliberately changed the course of history. His aim...

Waste Land
Lucy Walker | 2010 | english | s.t. français | 90 min
In exile in the United States following a gunshot wound to his leg, Brazilian-born artist Vik Muniz enjoys the enviable international notoriety that has come from his work: an intermingling of photography and domestic, industrial matter.

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