Sunday, July 4, 2010

Tea Party Movies - a celebration of an American movement

In honour of the July 4 celebration of our neighbours to the south, I am paying tribute to the "Tea Party movement" a.k.a. the "tea-baggers," I have renamed movies from supposedly liberal Hollywood to more accurately describe the heroic membership of the modern rebel group.

It would be easy to find many titles of existing movies that describe them (e.g. Intolerance, Dumb and Dumber, Inglourious Basterds) but it's more fun to modify popular titles to create a tailor-made tribute. Try it yourself, and feel free to add your own titles in the comments section. I'm no good with photoshop but if anyone wants to make these into posters, that's cool with me. I'd appreciate the attribution and link.

So happy July 4, everyone! Enjoy.

Tea Party Movies

The Unbearable Whiteness of Teapartying

Blowhards with a Vengeance

A Clockwork Outrage

Fear from the Maddening Crowd

Crazed and Confused

Shriek Forever After 

Drag me to Healthcare

Death Panel on the Nile

Let the Right Wing Spin

Glenn Flew Over the Cuckoo Protest

Gone with the Windbags

About a Rentboy

Oh Birther, Where Art Thou? 

Racist Arizona 

No Conscience for Old White Men

Fear and Loathing in Fox Anchors

Journey to Dissenter of his Birth

O'Reilly, Madly, Creepily

Scumbag Millionaires 

The Bombast of the Hannity's

Million Dollar Crybabies

The Fox-Files: They Want to Deceive

Those Malignant Men in Their Lying Routines

The Dementias of Palin von Munchausen

24 Hour Tea-Party People  

The Fantastically Misleading Fox

The Secret Muslim Life of Bees

Palin for Columbine

Tyler Perry's I Can Tea-Bag All by Myself 

The Eternal Punchline of the Fox News Mind

Dr. Change-love or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Obama

Every Thing You Always Wanted to Know is on Fox * 'Cause You're Afraid of Facts

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