Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Free Summer Movie Nights - Bravo!FACT short films

The Toronto International Film Festival has been hosting free movie screenings every Wednesday at 9pm in Metro Square all summer from June 30 continuing until September 1st. On July 21, the screenings will be a series of Canadian short films, featuring those made through the Bravo!FACT program. This was the grant program which supported me on on my latest project Notes from the Kuerti Keyboard. Bravo!FACT celebrates its 15th anniversary this year.

The program tonight consists of The Translator, Unlocked, Vive La Rose, Big Girl, and from Bravo!FACT the films are Cattle Call, Pointless Film, Aruba, The Stone of Folly, The Canadian Shield, Record, I Met The Walrus. Many of these are award-winning films, while I Met The Walrus went so far as to receive an Academy Award nomination for Best Animated Short Film. It is a very funny Monty Pythonesque animation of an interview with John Lennon made when he came to Toronto in 1969.
Prior to the screening, you can catch more Bravo!FACT short films at the Worldwide Short Film Festival's regular monthly screening called A World of Shorts at the National Film Board's Mediateque, 150 John Street. This month's screening is their Best of the Fest lineup of award winners from last month's festival. The films playing are Slip, The Poodle Trainer, The Silence Beneath the Bark, A Parachute Falling In Siberia, Fishes, and Luxury. Slip and Fishes were both made through Bravo!FACT.

Great Canadian Shorts + CTV's Bravo!FACT 15th Anniversary Spotlight
Presented by the Toronto Entertainment District BIA and the Toronto International Film Festival

An outdoor screening Wednesday 21 July 2010 at 9:00pm at Metro Square (between King and Wellington, Simcoe and John) Admission FREE!

Join us for an evening under the stars featuring Bravo!FACT-funded shorts that have been selected by programmers to screen at past editions of Toronto International Film Festival, along with some other great Canadian shorts that have played at TIFF. Most of the filmmakers will be present in addition to TIFF Bell Lightbox Director of Public Programmes, Shane Smith and Bravo!FACT executive director Judy Gladstone.

Featured filmmakers and performers include Matthew Rankin, Michael Maryniuk, Peter Wellington, Noam Jenkins, Oliver Dennis, Hubert Davis, Ann Tager Page, Chris McCawley, Craig Eldridge, Devon Bostick, James Downing, Nate Smith, Patricia Fagan, Ray Kahnert, Soo Garay, Jesse Rosensweet, Simon Ennis, Julian Richings, Liane Balaban, Dylan Reibling, Howard Jerome, Jason Gautreau, Josh Raskin, John Lennon, Jerry Levitan, Mio Adilman, Jean Yoon, Bobby Del Rio, Paul Hyung Sun Lee, and more!

In partnership with TIFF, the Toronto Entertainment District is hosting FREE Summer Movie Nights every Wednesday at 9pm in Metro Square from June 30 – September 1st. Look for the uniquely designed CN Tower light show every Wednesday at sundown signaling the beginning of each movie night! Plus, enjoy special Summer Movie Night Menus at participating district restaurants and experience a fun-filled night in the Toronto Entertainment District.

For more information about the screening, please visit

Watch more shorts every week on "Bravo!FACT Presents" on Bravo!, Fridays at 8 pm., Sundays at 7:30 p.m.

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