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2014 TIFF announces programming for TIFF Industry, Asian Film Summit, Doc Conference


TIFF Industry provides delegates with an opportunity to partake in a wealth of knowledge, to experience and learn about exciting new advancements from leaders in the art and business of cinema during the 39th Toronto International Film Festival®. This year’s programme includes Moguls sessions with Claudia Bluemhuber (Silver Reel Entertainment) and Susanne Bier (A Second Chance); panel discussions with celebrated filmmakers and trailblazing industry experts, including Snowpiercer producer Lee Tae Hun, independent producer Ted Hope and Wild Bunch’s Vincent Maraval; and visionary effects artist Douglas Trumbull will present a ground-breaking film project (UFOTOG) with the support of Christie®, a leading cinema projector manufacturer and 14-year Festival partner.

“TIFF Industry is extremely excited to feature a diverse lineup of innovators and experts to inspire and enlighten,” said Justin Cutler, Director, TIFF Industry Office. “By facilitating important dialogues about relevant issues from the creative process to viable business models, we will provide a truly meaningful experience for Festival delegates and equip them for future success.”

Running from September 5 to 11, the Festival Industry Conference is an unparalleled professional development opportunity for registered delegates. The Conference will focus on the following wide array of essential topics:

 Friday, September 5 – Creative Process
 Saturday, September 6 – Financing
 Sunday, September 7 – Distribution
 Monday, September 8 – Marketing
 Tuesday, September 9 – Co-Producing
 Wednesday, September 10 – Digital Media
 Thursday, September 11 – Future of Cinema

TIFF Industry Conference events will be hosted at the “jewel of the Canadian Broadcasting Centre”, Glenn Gould Studio, which continues to be a favourite venue for TIFF Industry delegates.

To learn more and gain access to TIFF Industry programmes visit


The Filmmakers’ Lounge is a meeting space for Festival filmmakers and industry professionals and the site for panels and industry sessions. With free WiFi and a variety of meeting spaces, it is a perfect space to network with peers, catch up on work, or take a break in between screenings. All Festival delegates have access to the Filmmakers’ Lounge from September 5 to 10 from 9:30am to 6:30pm and on September 11 from 9:30am to noon. The Lounge is located in the Glenn Gould Studio Lobby at the Canadian Broadcasting Centre, 250 Front St. West, Toronto.


A new addition to the TIFF Industry lineup this year, State of the Industry opens each programme day with a 30-minute overview: industry experts set the tone for thoughtful discussions on essential issues and practices in the film industry including financing, co-production, distribution, marketing, digital media and the future of cinema. Presenters include:
● State of Financing: Stuart Ford, IM Global
● State of Distribution: Bob Berney, Picturehouse
● State of Marketing: Sue Kroll, Warner Bros
● State of Co-Production: Pierre Fleurantin, Festival de Cinéma Européen des Arcs
● State of Future of Cinema: Fabien Riggall, Secret Cinema


This series of intimate sessions with some of the most powerful and influential movers and shakers of the film world offers a rare opportunity to gain insights into the inner workings of the creative and business minds that help shape the industry. The 2014 Moguls series celebrates unapologetic brilliance. Presenting Moguls include:

Claudia Bluemhuber
Silver Reel Entertainment is a Zurich-based film financier formed by private equity and wealth management specialist Claudia Bluemhuber. With some of the most exciting indie titles now under her belt including Hysteria, The Host, Under the Skin, Grace of Monaco, A Hologram for the King and 2014 Toronto International Film Festival selection Maggie, Bluemhuber — who is quietly but quickly sparking financing fire — will discuss structure and strategy in this high-voltage interview.

Susanne Bier
Susanne Bier, Academy Award-winning cinematic master who dedicates her craft to going against the grain by pushing boundaries with the audience and the industry, shares the aesthetic principles of her work. Bier received critical acclaim with titles such as Brothers, After The Wedding, and In A Better World. Her latest film, A Second Chance, is an official selection in the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival.


Master Class is an intimate deep-dive with an established international filmmaker focusing on creative process. Learn from one of the greats in this reflection and presentation on beloved films and little-known facts about an expert filmography. This year's Master Class is co-presented with Pinewood Studios and the Directors Guild of Canada.


Industry Dialogues examine the current creative and financial landscape of the film industry and encourage discussions on the ever-changing direction and future of cinema.

Festival 101
Join the TIFF Industry Office for an insider’s look at all the resources that are available and advice on how to make the most of your time at the Festival. Specifically tailored for filmmakers and industry delegates, this session is a great way to connect with peers and decision-makers in a relaxed environment.

World-Building: Screenwriters and Production Designers
The most successful films create an unforgettably distinctive world, and then gingerly but convincingly draw the audience into it. This panel of some of the most intriguing screenwriters and production designers in the industry will discuss the idea and process of world-building. Panelists include:
● Graham Moore, The Imitation Game
● Julia Hart, The Keeping Room
● Beau Willimon, Netflix’s House of Cards
● Jess Gonchor, Foxcatcher
● Moderator: Franklin Leonard, The Black List

Creating Resonance: Stories and Realities of Diversity in the Film Industry
Questions of gender representation and diversity continue to permeate the film industry, with discourse heating up around directorial opportunities, film criticism and industry leadership. We’ve created these storied worlds, but how do we populate them? Incorporating data research, policy initiatives, perspectives on talent and story-telling aesthetics, this session will advance the very topical dialogue on the resonance of diversity in film. Panelists include:
● Marie Lora-Mungai, Restless Talent Management
● Ben Roberts, Diversity Initiative, British Film Institute
● Nicole Bernard, Fox Audience Strategy
● Moderator: Kay Armatage, University of Toronto

Pitching a Tentpole
Where does international capital fit into complex financial structures of studio tentpoles or large independent features, and how do producers unlock these resources? Learn how investors and financiers make their decisions on what to fund and how to fund it. In this session some of the most seasoned executives in the business will examine various financing models. Panelists include:
● Greg Chou, Caspian Media Capital
● Marni Weishofer, MESA
● Moderator: Franck Priot, Film France

Disruptive Ways To Invest Profitably In Independent Film
Co-Presented by Raindance
Gain a new perspective on financing opportunities and examine how to invest in a film’s intellectual property beyond script development, whether or not to ‘heavy-up’ the investment, and how to act like a bank with security and downside protection. Panelists include:
● Jessica Lacy, ICM Partners
● Tara Parker, Goodmans LLP
● Joe Woolf, OneWest Bank
● Brian O’Shea, The Exchange
● Moderator: Adam Leipzig, Entertainment Media Partners

Join us for a robust discussion on digital engagement for content creators, platforms, and film audiences, and the thought-leadership and issues surrounding on demand. Industry experts cover navigation of digital platforms, IP protections, the impact of subscription models, revenue-sharing, advertising sales, and performance levels in different revenue models. Panelists include:
● Ruth Vitale, Creative Futures
● Ed Humphrey, Digital Player, British Film Institute
● Sam Toles, Vimeo
● Moderator: Jeff Lipsky, Adopt Films

Day and Date Release Models
Dissecting the day and date strategy — one of the most topical and controversial trends in the distribution industry. This panel will discuss the partnership of agents and distributors in managing the holdbacks and scheduling priorities in multiple territories, the impact of simultaneous release on exhibition, and the increasing pressure on distributors to come on board with day-and-date. Panelists include:
● Vincent Maraval, Wild Bunch
● Daniela Elstner, Doc + Film
● Lisa Schwartz, IFC Films
● Moderator: Matthew Belloni, The Hollywood Reporter

Seeding the Audience
No matter how niche, or how indie, every film has its audience. Panelists will discuss innovative ways to engage digitally-savvy audiences, various strategies for different relationships, targeting and mobilizing audiences, the impact of platforms and data-points on content decisions, and cultural differences in marketing campaigns in multiple territories. Panelists:
● Eileen Campbell, IMAX
● Gabriel Mandelbaum, Spideo
● George Dewey, 20th Century Fox
● Adam Beach, Bandwidth Releasing
● Moderator: Brad Pelman, The Fremantle Corporation

Spotlight: South Korea
The Golden Age of the 1950s and 60s has given way to international critical acclaim of the new wave of South Korean cinema. Outlining a financing structure and production environment that has nurtured its film talent, panelists discuss South Korea’s globalpositioning as a gateway to co-production with Asia, and critical acclaim in both the international festival circuit and in exportable markets. Presented in conjunction with this year’s City to City programme. Panelists include:
● Jang Kyung Ik, Next Entertainment World (NEW)
● Kim Mee hyun, KOFIC
● Lee Tae Hun, Snowpiercer
● Suh Youngjoo, Finecut

Marketing Indie Films
Whether you are proceeding with a digital strategy, or navigating a niche audience, this expert panel will unpack some of the most outstanding marketing strategies out there being employed by film marketers for indie films. Panelists include:
● Sophie Nicolaou, Main Street Films
● Charlotte Mickie, Mongrel Media
● Natalie Bruss, ID
● Tobias Bauckhage, Moviepilot

Crafting the Canada-EU Co-Pro
This session examines the process and experience of crafting a Canadian-EU Co-Production using a film currently in development, White Shadows. With producers Andrea Paris (Italy) and Julia Rosenberg (Canada), decision-makers discuss Canada’s numerous bi-lateral treaties and MOUs that exist with more than 50 countries worldwide, more than half with countries in the EU. Panelists include:
● Roberto Olla, Eurimages
● Andrea Paris, Ascent Film
● Julia Rosenberg, January Films
● Michel Pradier, Telefilm
● Moderator: Kristina Trapp, EAVE

Unpacking the Bundle
The partnership between the studio and the digital platform is becoming inextricable, with the studio providing the content and the platform providing the monetizable audience. Although this model has benefits spanning digital, marketing, and distribution verticals of the film industry, this panel explains the challenges at the intersection of film and technology — digital curation, content thresholds, paygates and bundled asset classes. Panelists include:
● Matt Mason, BitTorrent
● Tim League, Drafthouse Films
● William Mainguy, Reelhouse
● Janet Brown, FilmBuff
● Moderator: Keyvan Peymani, ICM Partners

FTP: Festivals / Theatrical / Platforms
Following the life cycle of the film, this expert panel journeys beyond the operational nuts and bolts of our industry, from how it moves from the festival circuit to the theatrical circuit, and eventually to the ‘circuit’ of the digital platform. Discussing the role of the festival and the physical theatre in the film community and how this is impacted by a digital existence, we explore the nuances of the pursuit of a digitally and culturally sustainable life of a film. Panelists include:
● Berni Goldblat, Association de Soutien du Cinema au Burkina Faso
● Ted Hope, Fandor
● Valerie Mouroux, Institut Francais
● Moderator: Justine Barda, Telescope LLC

Beyond the Screen: Futures Made Of Virtual Reality
Virtual reality occupies the cusp between gaming and film, both in open source and proprietary technologies. This panel examines the possibilities and realities of virtual reality, and the technology’s transportability across content genres. Panelists include:
● Palmer Luckey, Oculus Rift

What’s Up With All These Multimedia Corporations Investing In Content?!?!
The international business and creative climate has expanded to strategic partnerships between content, technology, entertainment, and investment — evidenced by the many large multimedia companies that are now either commissioning original content and/or investing in media and entertainment. Join us for a high-level exploration of the different verticals and how and why these worlds collide, the impact of greater investment from multimedia companies on content, the role of ad sales strategy, and the influence of data points collected through advertising on future content partnerships. Panelists include:
● Abe Kwong, Wanda Media

The Globalization of Entertainment
Co-Presented by IMAX
With the increasing globalization of cinema, the challenges and nuances of doing businesses across continents and cultures is reflected in a shift in approach. From production to presentation, to the content on the screen, industry innovators demonstrate for us with IMAX film clips how we must adopt a new world view — or risk becoming obsolete.

Ad Infinitum: High Frame Rate Projection
Using his revolutionary short film production UFOTOG, Academy Award-winner Douglas Trumbull will discuss Trumbull Studios partner project with Christie Digital to explore the potential of 3D 4K 120 fps projection, using the latest Mirage 4K 35 projection systems. His work includes ground-breaking visual effects work on 2001: A Space Odyssey, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and Blade Runner, as well as his directorial achievements on Silent Running and Brainstorm. Trumbull has also pioneered with his 70mm 60 frames per second Showscan process, Back To the Future -The Ride, and a trilogy of giant screen high frame rate attractions at the Luxor Pyramid in Las Vegas.


Lightning Rounds
An electrifying new addition to the TIFF Industry programme, Lightning Rounds are 15-minute sparks of wisdom delivered by innovators and decision-makers on topics ranging from new models in international financing and international funding agencies to co-production treaties. Presenters include:
● Pierre-Olivier Bardet, Idéale Audience
● Tendeka Matatu, Restless Talent Management
● Julien Ezanno, Centre National du Cinéma et de l'Image Animée
● Isabel Davis, British Film Institute
● Sally Caplan, ScreenAustralia

Short Cuts Connections
Exclusively by invitation for filmmakers in the Short Cuts Canada and Short Cuts International programmes, the newly expanded sessions comprise an essential tool kit of festival and market strategy, talent discovery and brand-building, and access to Canadian and international industry advisors, agents, programmers, platforms and distributors tailored specifically towards short films. Speakers
and panelists include:
● Sydney Levine, Sydney’s Buzz
● Peter Belsito, Sydney’s Buzz
● Mark Slutsky, The Decelerators
● Peter Trinh, ICM Partners
● Rebecca Fisher, PMK*BNC
● Sydney Neter, SND Films
● Jason Sondhi, Vimeo
● Moderator: Lisa Ogdie, Sundance Institute

Vimeo Lab Sessions: The Filmmaker’s Guide to the (Distribution) Galaxy
New this year, learn to navigate the distribution galaxy with Vimeo and leading industry experts to understand the choices ahead for you and your film.

IndieWIRE @ the Festival
Join the editorial team from indieWIRE in the Filmmakers’ Lounge on Thursday, September 4, Saturday, September 6, and Monday, September 8 from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. for the return of their popular Q&A sessions with some of the most notable actors and directors at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Telefilm Talent to Watch
Telefilm Canada's Talent to Watch series shines a spotlight on the creative talents of our country's emerging and established filmmakers. Canadian directors at various stages in their careers reflect on creative possibilities, where to find your audience and how to engage audiences in your films. This year’s lineup will feature sessions on Friday, September 5, Sunday, September 7 and Wednesday, September 10.

Online registration for all TIFF Industry pass options is underway. The deadline to register online is August 22. Onsite registration opens on September 2nd. For more information visit:

The 39th Toronto International Film Festival runs September 4 to 14, 2014.

Peter Loehr, Wang Xiaoshuai, Andrew Lau, Gareth Evans and more to appear at East-West industry gathering

TORONTO — The Toronto International Film Festival® today announced details for the Asian Film Summit, which takes place during the 2014 Festival on Tuesday, September 9 at the Shangri-La Hotel, Toronto. The Summit, now in its third year, is an initiative of TIFF’s Industry Office and is a key element of TIFF’s ongoing commitment to build bridges between Asia and the West, and features an international guest list of industry experts and programming that explores the East-West relationship. The 2014 edition of the Summit features veterans and natives of the Asian industry including Legendary East CEO Peter Loehr, UniJapan’s Kenta Fudesaka, Senior VP of CJ Entertainment Kini Kim; directors Andrew Lau and Wang Xiaoshuai — whose films are being presented as a world premiere (Revenge of the Green Dragons) and a North American premiere (Red Amnesia), respectively, at this year’s Festival — and Welsh director Gareth Evans (The Raid, The Raid: Redemption).

“The Asian Film Summit has grown just as the region has become a more prominent part of the international industry and our own efforts to extend TIFF’s reach and impact across Canada and around the world,” said Piers Handling, Director and CEO of TIFF. “We are so pleased with the way the Summit has developed over the course of the past two years to become a major platform for the exchange of ideas across cultures and borders.”

“Recognizing the growing role of Asia in global cinema from an artistic, business and audience perspective, the Asian Film Summit is about bridging gaps and bringing together counterparts from across the planet,” said Cameron Bailey, Artistic Director of the Toronto International Film Festival. “The Summit will once again be an essential place for the film industry to come together to create a truly global industry.”

The 2014 Asian Film Summit will include panel discussions and in-depth working sessions offering a platform for industry leaders to connect, generate ideas, collaborate and find new business opportunities. This year’s Summit will be headlined by Peter Loehr, who will recount his many years of entertainment industry experience across Asia, in conversation with Cameron Bailey. Directors Wang Xiaoshuai and Gareth Evans join XYZ Films Partner Nate Bolotin and Chinese Shadows’ Isabelle Glachant to share their observations of Asian art-house and vanguard cinema, and how this movement has forged a path for the region’s filmmakers to achieve international success.

This year’s Case Study will feature a discussion of the trials, tribulations, successes and lessons of making Revenge of the Green Dragons, which is a world premiere at the Festival, with director Andrew Lau, co-director and writer Andrew Loo and one of the film’s stars, Justin Chon.

A panel on global storytelling will feature Canadian director Richie Mehta, Well Go USA CEO Doris Pfardrescher, IM Global Senior VP Leslie Chen, Lava Bear Films CEO David Linde and Head of Development for Wanda Media Abe Kwong Man-Wai discussing their experiences working across cultures and borders.

Additional programming includes a Master Class, providing participants with the opportunity to get up close and personal with a noteworthy filmmaker. Details will be announced shortly.

Networking opportunities for participants include a lunch event hosted by Kini Kim (CJ Entertainment), E.J. Tae (Korean Film Council), Michael Werner (Fortissimo Films), Kenta Fudesaka (UniJapan), Winnie Tsang (Golden Scene), Frederick Tsui (Media Asia), Zaib Shaikh (City of Toronto), Karen Thorne-Stone (Ontario Media Development Corporation) and Sheila de la Varende (Telefilm Canada).

The TIFF Industry Office is selling a limited number of passes to industry professionals who are registered with the Festival. Visit for more details.

Guests include Michael Moore, Joshua Oppenheimer, Astra Taylor, Ramin Bahrani, Frank Marshall, Alanis Obomsawin and Sturla Gunnarsson

TORONTO — The Toronto International Film Festival’s® annual Doc Conference returns September 9 and 10 for its sixth consecutive year, offering an intensive showcase featuring thought leaders who will delve into creative and business perspectives in documentary filmmaking. Comprised of an in-depth series of panel discussions on the current landscape of documentary production, financing and distribution, the Conference also includes case studies, keynotes and end-of-day networking receptions. This year’s event features filmmakers including Academy Award–winner Michael Moore (Roger & Me, Bowling for Columbine, Fahrenheit 9/11), Oscar-nominated Joshua Oppenheimer (The Look of Silence, The Act of Killing), Alanis Obomsawin (Trick or Treaty?) and Sturla Gunnarsson (Monsoon); and key industry players such as Dan Silver (ESPN), Marc Schiller (BOND/360) and Hussain Currimbhoy (Sheffield Doc/Fest).

“The Doc Conference provides a curated forum for provocative dialogue and in-depth discussions on topics tailored toward the non-fiction filmmaking world,” said Thom Powers, lead documentary programmer for the Toronto International Film Festival. “This is an annual opportunity to gather the industry’s business-minded luminaries and creative visionaries under one roof — and this year’s stellar lineup is a testament to the impact and strength of the documentary community.”Doc Conference Passes are now on sale at Online registration for Doc Conference closes on Friday, August 22. The Festival’s accredited media may access the Doc Conference with their pass.

The 39th Toronto International Film Festival runs September 4 to 14, 2014.

Tuesday, September 9

Keynote: Michael Moore
Attending the Festival to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Roger & Me, Academy Award-winning filmmaker Michael Moore discusses his film career and his work to expand audiences for documentary film.

Focus On: ESPN Films
ESPN’s 30 for 30 series has grown into one of the most popular documentary strands in America. As they continue developing and producing new feature-length docs, the channel has also increased its short film content. ESPN Films senior director of development, Dan Silver, talks about what lies ahead; and director Frank Marshall and producer Ryan Suffern present the world premiere of their short The Man vs The Machine.

Focus On: Condé Nast
Condé Nast creates the world’s best content for the world's most influential audiences. The company launched Condé Nast Entertainment in 2011 to develop film, television and digital video programming, which includes The Scene, CNE's premiere digital video storytelling network. Condé Nast Entertainment leverages the company’s prestigious publications to produce premium digital video content, including short and long form documentaries. Over the past year CNE’s documentary series have received a great deal of critical acclaim and numerous awards, including an Emmy nomination. Jed Weintrob, CNE's head of production, talks about how they work with filmmakers and what they're looking for in acquisitions.

Doc Talk: Ramin Bahrani
Director Ramin Bahrani (99 Homes) presents his new documentary short Lift You Up and discusses the influence of documentary film on his fiction. Presented by Montblanc, Lift You Up was made as part of The Power of Words series. In partnership with the Tribeca Film Institute and the Nelson Mandela Foundation, this initiative inspires filmmakers to explore the written legacy of influential figures and use film as an educational tool. In its inaugural year, the series will look at the teachings and writings of Nelson Mandela as inspiration for story.

Unlocking Doc Co-Production Funds
Documentary funding is often reliant on co-production models, patching together financing from several countries. As the director of programming at Sheffield Doc/Fest, Hussain Currimbhoy keeps a close eye on trends in securing co-production support from the United Kingdom and Europe. In this talk, he delivers his top tips.

Focus On: VHX
Increasingly, documentary makers are using VHX technology to sell films from their own websites via instant streaming and digital downloads. VHX’s Adam Klaff discusses projects that found success with this approach.

New Strategies for Doc Distribution
With one year and 10 films under independent cinema marketing house BOND/360’s belt, founder Marc Schiller returns to the Festival with lessons and case studies on how filmmakers can leverage a direct channel to fans, along with VOD, traditional theatrical and online retail. Schiller will present up-to-the-minute insights and case studies from a slate of films including Particle Fever, Sign Painters, Now: In the Wings on a World Stage, Breastmilk and more.

Wednesday, September 10

Keynote: Joshua Oppenheimer
Following his breakthrough documentary The Act of Killing, Joshua Oppenheimer returns to the Festival with his new film The Look of Silence, continuing his inquiry into the legacy of violence in Indonesia. Oppenheimer discusses his unique approach to filming and his close interactions with both perpetrators and victims.

Doc Talk: Alanis Obomsawin and Sturla Gunnarsson
Two of Canada's most celebrated documentarians will explore the opportunities and challenges of being a Canadian-based filmmaker. A member of the Abenaki First Nation, Alanis Obomsawin (Trick or Treaty?) is one of Canada’s most eminent documentary filmmakers, having directed 40 documentaries with the National Film Board of Canada. For over 40 years, her work has garnered numerous international awards and has helped give the nation’s Indigenous people a voice. Sturla Gunnarsson is one of Canada's most prolific filmmakers whose work spans a range of genres, platforms and subject matter. He won the 2010 People’s Choice Documentary Award at the Toronto International Film Festival for Force of Nature, and in his latest documentary, Monsoon, Gunnarsson journeys to India to create a stunningly shot meditation on the phenomenon.

Curators on Docs
Film festivals play a vital role for giving documentaries exposure to audiences, press and industry. This panel of esteemed festival programmers reflects on how they make choices, and what they’re learning about doc trends.

Critics on Docs
While film criticism has suffered severe job cutbacks, the field still plays a vital role in shaping which films get seen. This panel of critics discusses how they approach docs, and what kinds of material gets them excited or disheartened.

Doc Talk: Astra Taylor on The People’s Platform
Filmmaker Astra Taylor (Examined Life) raises important questions about our new media landscape in her book The People’s Platform: Taking Back Power and Culture in the Digital Age. The Internet has been hailed as an unprecedented democratizing force, a place where everyone can be heard and all can participate equally. But how true is this claim? What’s been seen so far, Taylor argues, is less a revolution than a rearrangement, with new winners and losers emerging. In this talk, she focuses on how these issues affect documentary makers, as digital platforms increasingly become their means to reach an audience.

Hot Docs Audience Survey: What Can We Learn?
Hot Docs industry programs director Elizabeth Radshaw reveals the results of a major survey on documentary viewing habits. The Doc Audience Research report draws data from thousands of completed surveys and a five-city focus group tour. Discover the key takeaways that can help inform filmmaker, distributor and exhibitor strategies alike. Commissioned by Hot Docs, the survey is supported by Telefilm, the Canada Media Fund (CMF), Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC) and the National Film Board (NFB).

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About TIFF
TIFF is a charitable cultural organization whose mission is to transform the way people see the world through film. An international leader in film culture, TIFF projects include the annual Toronto International Film Festival in September; TIFF Bell Lightbox, which features five cinemas, major exhibitions, and learning and entertainment facilities; and innovative national distribution program Film Circuit. The organization generates an annual economic impact of $189 million CAD. TIFF Bell Lightbox is generously supported by contributors including Founding Sponsor Bell, the Government of Canada, the Government of Ontario, the City of Toronto, the Reitman family (Ivan Reitman, Agi Mandel and Susan Michaels), The Daniels Corporation and RBC. For more information, visit

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