Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Theatre Passe Muraille's next 5 Minute Pitch Blitz, Dec. 15

Toronto's Theatre Passe Muraille regularly hosts an open event called the 5 Minute Pitch Blitz, in which applicants are invited to make a direct pitch to Artistic Director Andy McKim. It doesn't have to be specifically a show, but it is an opportunity to make a case for your idea or offer in a quick, efficient manner.

The next 5 Minute Pitch Blitz will take place on December 15, 2010. There is a simple one-page application form which will help to give them an idea of what to expect. They will select which pitches will be scheduled on the day, but there will also be a time set aside for people to crash the event on a first-come, first-served basis.

Theatre Passe Muraille is located at 16 Ryerson Avenue, one block north and east of Queen Street West and Bathurst Street. Their phone number is 416.504.7529.

Event: 5 Minute Pitch Blitz!, Theatre Passe Muraille Brevity is the soul of wit: TPM’s 5 Minute Pitch Blitz!

Theatre Passe Muraille would like to invite artists of all disciplines and backgrounds to come and make a pitch to Artistic Director Andy McKim.

Releasing the bounds of a formal audition, The Pitch Blitz is an opportunity for artists to introduce themselves to Andy McKim, Artistic Director, in whatever way best represents them. The Pitch Sessions give artists five minutes to showcase themselves or present their project.

Pitch an idea, pitch a show, pitch yourself! We’re on the lookout for exciting new artists to work with and remarkable artistic projects to facilitate. Spend five minutes showcasing who you are, what you’ve done in the past, and what your ideas are for the future. This is an opportunity to talk about what it is that brings you to us, and to show us what you might want to bring to TPM.

At Passe Muraille, we’re committed to enhancing meaningful interactions between our communities, and extending the development life of projects developed both inside and outside our walls. We have a special interest in independent, emerging, collaborative and multidisciplinary artists, and seek out all whose voices are marginalized. Our vision is of a theatre space that functions as an arts centre and a town square in one.
We welcome actors, directors, writers, musicians, technicians, administrators, dancers, producers, visual artists, and anyone who blurs the boundaries between these roles. Anything goes. Think of it like a chance to spark a meaningful relationship with one of Toronto’s oldest new work development theatres.

Due to the high volume of submissions, we are not able to see everyone so we have a two way system for getting access to the Pitch Blitz. First we will make offers to some people based on applications and we will accept a set number of people who are first to come to an announced “crash” time. We will not keep applications on file so for those who are unsuccessful at getting a spot we heartily welcome you to reapply for the next round. We will be doing this a minimum of three times per season. The next Pitch Blitz is December 15th.

Start by downloading the application form here and sending it to:
Samantha Serles and Heather Ervin at: pitchblitz(at)

Be bold. Be creative. Be concise.

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