Saturday, November 20, 2010

47th Golden Horse Film Awards - winners announced

Today in Taoyuan, northern Taiwan, the 2010 Golden Horse Film Awards for Chinese-language films were handed out. Taiwanese indie films dominated the evening, as the family drama When Love Comes won Best Feature Film in addition to Best Cinematography and Best Art Direction. Taiwan's Chung Mong-hong won Best Director for The Fourth Portrait which also won Best Supporting Actress and Outstanding Taiwanese Film of the Year. Taiwanese gangster film Monga won awards for Best Leading Actor, Best Sound Effects and Outstanding Taiwanese Filmmaker of the Year.

The gay romance from China, Spring Fever, won Best Editing and Best Original Film Score awards. Legendary martial arts action star Sammo Hung won Best Action Choreography for Ip Man 2.

This is the 47th edition of the awards which are given by the organization which also hosts the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival and which honours Chinese-language films from Taiwan, China (including Hong Kong and Macau), Malaysia and Singapore. Previously, the Golden Horse Film Awards excluded films from mainland China, but began allowing them in 1992 after a protest by famed Australian cinematographer Christopher Doyle (Hero, In the Mood for Love). 

Winners are decided by a jury of filmmakers, academics and artists. This year's jury consisted of Ho Ping, Lee Fu-Shiung, Chiang Hsiu-Chiung, Michael Berry, Lau Chia-Hua, Shum Long-Tin, Zhang Yuan, Kuo Li-Hsin, Chen Lo-Jung, Tseng Chung-Hsiang, Shu Kei, Edmond Wong, Yang Li-Chou, Cecilia Yip, Ning Hao, Liao Pen-Jung and Patrick Tam Ka-Ming.

complete list of winners for the 2010 Golden Horse Film Awards:

Best Feature Film
When Love Comes
, Chang Tso Chi Film Studio

Best Animation Feature

Best Documentary
Hip-Hop Storm
, Professor Jean May Tsiang Foundation (CNEX)

Best Short Film
Magabahai, Patrick Tu

Best Director
CHUNG Mong-Hong, The Fourth Portrait

Best Leading Actor
JUAN Ethan, Monga

Best Leading Actress
Lv Li-Ping, City Monkey

Best New Director
HO Wi Ding, Pinoy Sunday

Best Supporting Actor
Peng-Fon Wu, Seven Days in Heaven

Best Supporting Actress
Lei Hao, The Fourth Portrait

Best New Performer
Chien-Na Lee, Juliets

Best Original Screenplay
LIU Jie, Gao Shan, Judge

Best Adapted Screenplay
Essay LIU, Seven Days in Heaven

Best Cinematography
Chang chan, When Love Comes

Best Visual Effects
Yong-Gi Lee, Xiang Yu Nan, Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame

Best Art Direction
Peng Weimin, When Love Comes

Best Makeup & Costume Design
Dora Ng, Bodyguards and Assassins

Best Action Choreography
Sammo HUNG, Ip Man 2

Best Original Film Score
Peyman Yazdanian, Spring Fever

Best Original Film Song
Taipei Exchanges; Lyricist/Composer/Performer: Summer Lei (Taipei Exchanges)

Best Film Editing
Robin WENG, Jian ZENG, Florence Bresson, Spring Fever

Best Sound Effects
Duu-Chih Tu, Monga

The Outstanding Taiwanese Film of the Year
The Fourth Portrait, 3 NG Film, Cream Production

The Outstanding Taiwanese Filmmaker of the Year
LEE Lieh, Monga

Lifetime Achievement Award
Hsu Li-Kong

Special Contribution Award
Sun Yueh

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