Wednesday, March 2, 2016

2016 WGC Screenwriting Awards finalists announced

The Writers Guild of Canada celebrates 25 years of working for Canadian screenwriters, showcasing their talents at the 20th annual WGC Screenwriting Awards. The gala event takes place on May 2, 2016 at Toronto’s beautiful Koerner Hall.

This year close to 150 scripts were nominated, with 24 scripts chosen as finalists, and 32 screenwriters up for awards. Special awards, including the WGC Showrunner Award, the Alex Barris Mentorship Award, and the Sondra Kelly Award will also be presented.

We bring back Ryan Belleville as host, and the show is co-written by Mr. Belleville with stand-up/sketch comedian Jeremy Woodcock. This year’s awards will include special 25th anniversary features throughout the gala.

The 2016 awards span the entire realm of screenwriting in Canada, with nominations in the following categories: Children’s, Documentary, Feature Films, MOW or Miniseries, Shorts and Webseries, TV Comedy, TV Drama, and Teens and Tweens.

Don’t miss the winners! The WGC Screenwriting Awards will be held Monday, May 2, 2016, at the TELUS Centre for Performance and Learning’s Koerner Hall. Ticket information coming soon.

2016 WGC Screenwriting Awards Finalists

Numb Chucks, Season 2 “Witless to the Prosecution”
Written by Evan Thaler Hickey
Odd Squad, Season 1 “Puppet Show”
Written by Charles Johnston
Pirate Express, Season 1 “Fountain of Misspent Youth”
Written by David Elver

Deluged by Data
Written by Josh Freed
Ninth Floor
Written by Mina Shum

A Christmas Horror Story
Written by James Kee and Sarah Larsen and Doug Taylor and Pascal Trottier
End of Days, Inc.
Written by Christina Ray
The Saver
Written by Wiebke von Carolsfeld

The Book of Negroes: Episode 1
Story by Lawrence Hill, Teleplay by Clement Virgo
The Gourmet Detective
Written by Becky Southwell & Dylan Neal
Kept Woman
Written by Doug Barber & James Phillips

Bob! The Slob
Written by James Nadler
Written by Michael Konyves

Mr. D, Season 4 “President Jimmy”
Written by Anita Kapila
Mr. D, Season 4 “Short Stocked”
Written by Marvin Kaye
Schitt’s Creek, Season 1 “The Cabin”
Written by Amanda Walsh

19-2, Season 2 “Orphans”
Written by Jesse McKeown
19-2, Season 2 “Property Line”
Written by Nikolijne Troubetzkoy
19-2, Season 2 “School”
Adapted by Bruce M. Smith
Orphan Black, Season 3 “Newer Elements of Our Defense”
Written by Russ Cochrane
X Company, Season 1 “Into the Fire”
Written by Mark Ellis & Stephanie Morgenstern

Some Assembly Required, Season 2 “Rocket with a Pocket”
Written by Jennica Harper
Some Assembly Required, Season 2 “Snappo”
Written by Cole Bastedo & Jennifer Siddle
The Stanley Dynamic, Season 1 “The Stanley Grandpa”
Written by Alice Prodanou

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