Thursday, August 13, 2015

39th Festival des films du monde / Montreal World Film Festival announces World Greats selection


Twenty-four features from a score of countries are being shown in the World Greats (out of competition) section of the MWFF. “ Dedicated to experienced filmmakers, this selection offers the latest works by some of the best known directors from around the world, ” said Serge Losique.

Notable among the cineastes included are Majid Majidi whose Muhammad will be getting its world premiere, Jean-Jacques Annaud, who will be showing the North-American premiere of his latest film, Wolf Totem, Cristina Commencini (Latin Lover), Ventura Pons (The Virus of Fear), Ermanno Olmi (Greenery Will Bloom Again), Vincent Bal (Belgian Rhapsody), Ken Kwapis (A Walk in the Woods, with Robert Redford) and Sergio Castellitto (You Can`t Save Yourself Alone), among others.

MWFF willl take place from August 27th to September 7th.

A WALK IN THE WOODS by Ken Kwapis. 2015 / Colour / 98 min USA
After spending two decades in England, Bill Bryson returns to the US, where he decides the best way to connect with his homeland is to hike the Appalachian Trail with one of his oldest friends.

AN ITALIAN NAME (IL NOME DEL FIGLIO) by Francesca Archibugi. 2015 / Colour / 94 min, Italy
Paolo and Simona are expecting. At a dinner with guests one question will lead to an argument that will disturb the entire evening: the name of Paolo and Simonaís son.

BEFORE SPRING (ABL AL RABIE) by Ahmed Atef. 2015 / Colour / 92 min, Egypt
A young blogger who lost both eyes during the Egyptian Revolution recounts in flashback the events of the Spring that eventually came to his country.

BELGIAN RHAPSODY (LA BRABANÇONNE) by Vincent Bal. 2014 / Colour / 100 min, Belgium – Luxembourg
Two Belgian brass bands, the Flemish 'Sint Cecilia' and the Walloon 'En Avant', have both been selected for the great European final. It's a competition with no holds barred.

BLOOD BEAD (AKAI TAMA) by Banmei Takahashi. 2015 / Colour / 108 min, Japan
Tokita would rather be making movies than teaching about them in film school. But it pays the bills and thereís always Yui, the pretty school secretary. Then Ritsuko enters his life...

CHRIEG by Simon Jacquemet. 2014 / Colour / 106 min, Switzerland
Matteo, a rebellious 15-year old is sent to a remote farm for rehabilitation. But the farm is run by the inmates. Matteo must quickly learn to run with the pack.

CORPSE COLLECTOR (SUBIRACH NA TRUPOVE) by Dimitar Dimitrov. 2015 / Colour / 116 min, Bulgaria
Itzo, who drives a morgue wagon, is loved by young, innocent Mimmy, but prefers tough, experienced Katya who mistreats him. Itzo's assistant, Buddy, tells him he's got things all wrong.

EISENSTEIN IN GUANAJUATO by Peter Greenaway. 2015 / Colour / 105 min, Netherlands - Mexico - Finland - Belgium
In 1931, at the height of his artistic powers, Soviet filmmaker Sergei Eisenstein travels to Mexico to shoot a new film to be titled Que Viva Mexico!

GITEL by Robert Mullan. 2014 / Colour / 115 min, United Kingdom - Lithuania
September, 5 1969, and Gitel Bargman is about to attend a party to celebrate her 33rd birthday. Racked by guilt simply for being alive, for her it is hardly cause for celebration.

GREENERY WILL BLOOM AGAIN (TORNERANNO I PRATI) by Ermanno Olmi. 2014 / Colour / 95 min, Italy
Dedicated to his father who told him stories of the Great War, Ermanno Olmiís film is a touching slice of life in the First World War trenches on the Italian front.

IT’S REALLY KIND OF YOU by So Jae-ick. 2015 / Colour / 92 min, South Korea
It is late night and raining hard when a strange woman clad only in underwear rushes up to a man who is fishing at the lake, asking for help. Help to do what ?

LATIN LOVER by Cristina Comencini. 2014 / Colour / 104 min, Italy
On the 10th anniversary of the death of Saverio Crispo, Italy's most famous actor, his 5 daughters, born from different mothers and in different countries, are brought together and get to know each other.

MUHAMMAD (Opening Film) by Majid Majidi. 2015 / Colour / 171 min, Iran
The film does not depict Muhammad himself but his world, the pagan age with all its tyranny and oppression as seen through the eyes of young Muhammad from birth to the age of 13.

MY SISTER, THE PIG LADY (DWAEJI GATEUN YEOJA) by Jan Moon-il. 2015 / Colour / 104 min, South Korea
In a small seaside village where all the young men left for the city, three young women scheme to catch the eye of the only bachelor left in town.

NECKAN by Gonzalo Tapia. 2015 / Colour / 92 min, Spain
In 1956, a young Spaniard arrives in Morocco, soon to be independent, to find out what happened years ago to his family. If he discovers the truth, will it be worth the effort ?

SILVER SKIES by Rosemary Rodriguez. 2015 / Colour / 96 min, USA
A group of eccentric retirees' lives are turned upside down when their beloved apartment complex is suddenly sold out from under them. But you can never be too old for new beginnings.

SIMON by Éric Martin, Emmanuel Causse. 2015 / Colour / 96 min, France
Simon, a seventeen-year-old boy is diagnosed with cancer -- Ewingís sarcoma. But he’s not about to bow out without leaving his mark on the world.

SISKA DELUXE by Ian Cvitkovic. 2015 / Colour / 108 min, Slovenia - Czech Republic - Macedonia
Longtime friends and losers, Mile, Fedr and Zekir need to rescue their calamitous professional and personal lives. An innovative pizzeria comes to the rescue.

THE NEXT GENERATION THE NEXT GENERATION PATLABOR - TOKYO WAR Mamoru Oshii. 2015 / Colour / 93 min Japon / Japan
 In a world where giant robots are built and used for labour, a special police force of robots is created to handle crimes relating to these machines.

THE SECRET OF ITALIA (IL SEGRETO DI ITALIA) by Antonello Belluco. 2014 / Colour / 98 min, Italy
Italy, May 1945. The war is over. But for a 15-year-old girl called Italia in a small town in the region of Venice, the tragedy has just begun.

VIRUS OF FEAR (EL VIRUS DE LA POR) by Ventura Pons. 2015 / Colour / 76 min, Spain
A small boy is being taught to swim at a Barcelona municipal pool. He he terrified of the water and the swimming instructor tries to calm him with a kiss. He is immediately accused of abuse.

WINTER by Heidi Greensmith. 2015 / Colour / 95 min, United Kingdom
Devastated by the death of his beloved wife, Woods, a successful artist can no longer connect with his two sons. Motherless, will they have to take of him as well ?

WOLF TOTEM by Jean-Jacques Annaud. 2015 / Colour / 98 min, France – China
The story of young Beijing intellectual's fascination with the wolves he encounters when he's sent to teach Mandarin to minority nomadic herders in the majestic, scenic grasslands of Inner Mongolia.

YOU CAN’T SAVE YOURSELF ALONE (NESSUNO SI SALVA DA SOLO) Sergio Castellitto. 2015 / Colour / 103 min, Italy
When a separated couple meet to discuss the terms of their childrenís holidays, the meal immediately becomes a wide reflection on their past ten years.

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