Tuesday, April 28, 2015

2015 WGC Screenwriting Awards - winners

The WGC Screenwriting Awards, hosted by Ryan Belleville, took place Monday night at Koerner Hall in Toronto. It was an evening of celebrating the work of WGC members (and a great party).

In the Movies & Miniseries category, the winner was Nicolas Billon for his script for the film Elephant Song which was directed by Charles Binamé and stars Bruce Greenwood, Colm Feore, Xavier Dolan, Catherine Keener, Carrie-Anne Moss and Guy Nadon.

The winner for TV Drama was Orphan Black's Tony Elliott while the TV Comedy winner was Andrew De Angelis for Mr. D.

Complete list of winners for the 2015 WGC Screenwriting Awards

Fangbone, Season 1
“The Warbrute of Friendship”
Written by Simon Racioppa & Richard Elliott

Children & Youth
R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour, Season 4
“Mrs. Worthington”
Written by Melody Fox

The Cholesterol Question
Written by Michael McNamara

Movies & Miniseries
Elephant Song
Written by Nicolas Billon

Shorts & Webseries
Out With Dad, Season 3
“Outed ”
Written by Jason Leaver

TV Comedy
Mr. D, Season 3
“Old School”
Written by Andrew De Angelis

TV Drama
Orphan Black, Season 2
“Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est”
Written by Tony Elliott

Showrunner Award - Bruce Smith
Sondra Kelly Award - Alison Lea Bingeman
Writers Block Award - Denis McGrath

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