Monday, September 22, 2014

Call for submissions: fu-GEN Asian Canadian Theatre Company's Kitchen XII & Theatre Creators Reserve

Kitchen XII

Rage and Ecstasy: A Play Cycle by Emerging Asian Canadian Playwrights

Rage and Ecstasy is the title and theme of this year’s Kitchen Playwriting Unit for emerging Asian Canadian playwrights who are interested in honing their playwriting skills. This year the unit will be directed by Dramaturg Andrew Cheng, and will be working towards each participant creating their own original piece.

The goal of the unit is to allow emerging playwrights to challenge themselves by creating an original piece of theatre. The focus of the piece includes themes of identity/persona, the politics of action/inaction, and the seduction of desire/comfort. During the unit participants will be guided by Cheng through various playwriting exercises, assignments, and group dramaturgical support sessions.

Sessions will be approximately 3 hours each, and occur twice a month beginning in late 2014. The schedule will be determined at a later date.

This unit is open to all emerging Asian Canadian Playwrights who are 19 years or older and who are able to commit to 6 hours a month of in-studio sessions, in addition to self-guided work at home. An emerging Asian Canadian Playwright is defined as someone who identifies as Asian Canadian, and has a serious interest in playwriting. We do not require experienced playwrights, though a passion for writing and live theatre is necessary.

If you are interested please send an application by email, with the subject heading "Kitchen XII".

Your application should include a brief introduction of yourself, a short paragraph describing why you are passionate about playwriting, and a short writing sample/play inspired by a current news story.

Your writing sample/play should be under 10 pages and contain at least two characters whose actions affect one another during the course of the story. At least one of your characters must speak. We encourage you to be creative and take risks with your sample/play as there is no right or wrong way to create a script.

Please submit your applications by October 3, 2014.


Theatre Creators Reserve 2014
The Ontario Arts Council (OAC) Theatre Creators’ Reserve is a program that assists Ontario-based professional theatre creators - and informal collectives of individual creators - by funding them in the creation of new work. This program is assessed by theatre companies that act as third-party recommenders for the OAC. Recommenders receive applications directly from creators and forward grant recommendations to the OAC for authorization and payment.

Submission Criteria

Preference will be given to applications that fulfil our mandate. This includes but is not limited to:

Asian Canadian playwrights
“Asian” is inclusive of the Pan-Asian Pacific Rim
Playwrights of Colour
This is inclusive of all playwrights who are visible minorities
Women Playwrights
People who identify as women.

This is a wonderful opportunity for the creator to work on a first draft or a project in its early phases of development. If the applicant is a collective, the grant allows for initial collaboration and exploration. There is no prescribed theme, and playwrights are encouraged to submit all styles of work, including innovative pieces that involve multidisciplinary collaborations or test out new theatrical boundaries. We are open to a variety of approaches that each individual creator or collective may have. Each application will be reviewed individually on its own merits and needs. The maximum grant request is $5,000, although recommended recipients may not receive the full amount.

Submission Details

We require the following support material from all applicants:
· An up-to-date CV or resume (theatre and/or playwriting)
· A letter of proposal and/or an outline of the project that includes:
1. Your artistic goals and objectives relating to your piece
2. Relevant information about the project such as previous workshops, readings or dramaturgy
3. A brief statement describing how the project contributes to your development as an artist
4. A work plan that outlines how the funds will be spent
· A writing sample (max 15 pages)
· 3 copies of the form available from the OAC website

Please submit electronically by packaging all materials into a SINGLE PDF file and email to with the subject heading “TCR 2014”. Also note the copies of the OAC form must appear in triplicate and signed within the PDF. Electronic submissions failing to meet those requirements will not be considered.

Deadline for Application is November 15th, 2014 @ 11:59 PM

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