Thursday, September 13, 2012

M60 Montréal 60 Second Film Festival 2012, Sept 13-15

The M60 Montréal 60 Second Film Festival gets underway tonight at Cinéma Excentris. The festival features over 80 films of exactly one minute in running time. All 80+ films will play each night at the festival.

Each year in July, M60 has a launch party for the festival where a theme is announced for interested filmmakers. This year's theme was "faux pas." Filmmakers are then given a month to conceive and create a one minute film.

I participated in this year again and made a little ditty Four Paws with co-director Faisal Lutchmedial. I also acted in the film alongside Joslyn Rogers, who also participated in the M60 film I made last year. The title is of course a loose pun on the theme "faux pas" and refers to a dog named Wally that is featured in the film.

The M60 Montréal 60 Second Film Festival takes place at 9pm on September 13 to 15 at Cinéma Excentris, 3536 boul. St-Laurent.

M60 2012 includes one minute films by: Alastair Mackay, Andrew Mescheder & Wen Zhang, Anna McGarrigle, Anthony Piazza & Anthony Sifoni & Carla Sifoni & Rosalie Pampena, Arizona O’Neill, Ben Lambert, Bernard Roberge, Christina Clark & JoAnne Pearce & Jacqueline Reid, Christine Turek & Rami Absi & Hicham Eid, Clint Earle, Dane Lanken, Daniel Duffy, Daniel Mireault & Marc Roberge, David Eng & Faisal Lutchmedial, David Young, Dawn Cheung, Edmund Nash & Caroline Gauthier, Gail Kenney, Greg Bailey & Mary Perchanok, Hadi Bigdely, Hugo Prévosteau, Jacques E. Bouchard, Jean-François Fortin Tam, Jennifer Pocobene, Jeremy Eliosoff, Jérôme Bretéché, Jerry Gabriel, John F Weldon, John Fretz, Jorge Zavagno, Joshua Budman, Jseb Pluviose, Kandis Friesen, Karina Garcia Casanova & Olivier Alary, Ken McDavitt & Lisa Meuser, Kiera Pannell, Kristen Bowey & Vanessa Bonneau, Laura Knogler & Joel Ryan & Camille Stegen & Marc Tremblay & Ariel Wilson, Le Studio du Plateau, Leo Low, Loren Williams & Randall Finnerty & Erik Shoup, Lorne Budman, Louise Callier, Maiko Ishii, Mallory and Leila Bridgeman, Marc Tremblay & Ghanish Ghoorah & Ariel Wilson, Marcy Stein, Margaret Griffin, Marie-Marguerite Sabongui & Shamil Lallani & Benedict Moran, Marjorie Lemay, Mark Schwartz, Mat Barbeau & Neil Clavin, Mathew Barbeau, Matt Keyes, Matthew Forbes, Matus Racek, Max-David Grinbaud & Gaëlle Komàr, Maya Leighton Champagne & Heather Leighton & Sacha Leighton Champagne & Eloi Champagne, Melanie Lambrick & Sarah Hrdlicka, Michael Pedruski, Natasha St-Jean & Deborah Hayek, Neil Gibb & Kurtulus Yilmaz, Nelak Productions, Nicholas B. York, Nicolas Cliet-Marrel, Omar Majeed, Phillip Mimoso & Wolf Merzbacher & Christina Lazaro, Phyllis Lewis, Robert Mondoux, Robert Shea, Scottmontreal, Shawn McGregor, SophieBrauer & Madleena Larivaara, Studio aWEsome Duff, The Dudes, Thea Metcalfe & Sean Michaels, tristan et michelle, Radu Juster, Uncalled For & Paul Aflalo, Vincent Beauregard-Palardy, Ziyang Yip and Zoï Kilakos.

M60 2012 TRAILER

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