Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Amazing Spider-Man trailer

A trailer for the Spiderman reboot The Amazing Spiderman has hit the web on the opening day of San Diego's Comic-Con. It's good trailer but focuses almost entirely on the origin story which is familiar territory, especially since the previous Raimi films aren't that old.

Despite the high-quality resolution, Twitch Film says it's still a bootleg. They tweeted earlier today "The Spider-Man trailer doing the rounds today is still a bootleg, though a high quality one. Sony is VERY unhappy. Thus it is not on Twitch."

We get a glimpse of the impressive cast alongside Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker. We see brief glimpses of Campbell Scott as Peter's father, Emma Stone and Dennis Leary as Gwen Stacy and her father, Martin Sheen and Sally Field and Uncle Ben and Aunt May, and Rhys Ifans as Dr. Curt Connors.

As an aside, I must say I wasn't a fan of the Raimi films, even the second one which Roger Ebert called "the best superhero movie since the modern genre was launched with 'Superman' (1978)." I found  racism in that film off-putting, with the only three times Asians appeared to be excessively stereotypical --  the Asian scientist assisting Dr. Octopus, the Asian immigrant family with no English, and the bad Asian singer who warbles the Spiderman theme (this film came out the year following William Hung's highly-mocked appearance on American Idol). Obviously, most people weren't bothered but it sure bothered me.

 The Amazing Spiderman is set for release next year on July 3, 2012.

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