Wednesday, September 22, 2010

2010 Toronto Urban Film Festival awards

Running concurrently with the Toronto International Film Festival, the Toronto Urban Film Festival (TUFF) presented a number of silent one-minute films on the display screens in Toronto's TTC subway system. The festival took submissions from around the world in the seven themes of Urban Encounters and Other Stories; Our Environment and Urban Growth; The Medium is the Message; Urban Ideas and Politics; Urban Journeys; The City is a Poem; and After Night Falls.

Awards were chosen by a guest jury, while the top three awards were chosen by a guest judge. This year's judge was director Deepa Mehta (Water). First prize was awarded to Ahmet Serif Yildirim from Yenibaglar, Turkey for Recycyle, second prize went to Toronto's Patrick Jenkins for Tara's Dream, and Philadelphia's Sally Larson took third place for Axiom

The jury this year consisted of Jorge Lozano (Founder and Curator of aluCine Toronto Latin Media Festival); Kathleen Mullen (Director of Programming for Planet in Focus: International Environmental Film & Video Festival); Sarah Robayo Sheridan (Curator and Director of Exhibitions and Publications at Mercer Union); Haema Sivanesan (Curator and Executive Director of SAVAC); Min Sook (Award-winning Documentary Filmmaker); and Michael Zryd (Associate Professor of Cinema and Media Studies at York University).


Toronto Urban Film Festival (TUFF)
Making a great one-minute film, that's TUFF!

Congratulations to the TUFF 2010 Winning Filmmakers!

It was a great year for TUFF, and we want to thank all our filmmakers, sponsors, supporters, and everyone who submitted a film!

It was also a banner year for our website, with over 15,000 visitors in September and almost 7500 votes cast for our 2010 films. Paper Games, the winner of the Audience Choice Award won with 1786 votes.

Thanks to everyone who voted and to those who left comments. Voting is over, but the films stay up and we record comments and star ratings all year long, so please keep letting the filmmakers know what you think about their work.

Our 2011 Call for Submissions will begin in April.

If you live in Toronto, watch the Onestop TTC screens for our upcoming projects StrollCity (April 21 - October 5) and DRIFT (October 2).

Until next year,

Sharon Switzer
Festival Director
Toronto Urban Film Festival

To view the films and for a full list of all 19 awards visit:

1ST PLACE - Ahmet Serif Yildirim (Yenibaglar, Turkey) for RECYCLE

2ND PLACE - Patrick Jenkins (Toronto, Canada) for TARA'S DREAM

3RD PLACE - Sally Larson (Philadelphia, USA) for AXIOM

HONOURABLE MENTION - Vikram Dasgupta and Dinesh Sachdev (Toronto, Canada) for THE BEE

HONOURABLE MENTION - Steven Shanahan (Toronto, Canada) for PAPER GAMES

NAISH MCHUGH AWARD FOR EMERGING FILMMAKERS - Dave Martyn & Nadine Espinoza (Toronto, Canada) for A WALK THROUGH


VIEWER'S CHOICE AWARD - Steven Shanahan (Toronto, Canada) for PAPER GAMES


BEST ANIMATION BY A LOCAL ARTIST - Patrick Jenkins (Toronto, Canada) for TARA'S DREAM

BEST LOCAL 1ST-TIME FILMMAKER - Ben Roberts (Toronto, Canada) for HOOKED

BEST LOCAL SCREENPLAY - Steven Shanahan (Toronto, Canada) for PAPER GAMES

BEST IN CATEGORY - Urban Encounters and Other Stories - Martine Blue (Epworth, Canada) for URBAN TWIRL

BEST IN CATEGORY - Urban Ideas and Politics - Paul Wong & Tony Pantages (Vancouver, Canada) for DOVETALE

BEST IN CATEGORY - Our Environment and Urban Growth - Stan Krzyzanowski (Toronto, Canada) for SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED

BEST IN CATEGORY - Urban Journeys - Payal Kapadia & Stuart Dacosta (Mumbai, India) for DAILY VIOLENCE

BEST IN CATEGORY - The City is a Poem - Octavian Fedorovici (Arad, Romania) for CASABLANCA 1PM

BEST IN CATEGORY - The Medium is the Message - Sally Larson (Philadelphia, USA) for AXIOM

BEST IN CATEGORY - The Emotional City - Tara Cooper and Terry O'Neil (Toronto, Canada) for SCENES FROM A SEPARATED LIFE

BEST IN CATEGORY - TSV and A4C Selections - Jochen Neumann (Toronto, Canada) for A_POEM_TORONTO

TUFF is co-produced by Art for Commuters and Onestop Media Group, and funded by the Canada Council for the Arts.

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