Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Awards News: 2010 Romy Awards (Austria)

This past Saturday, Austria hosted it's 2010 Romy Awards for film and television at the Hofburg in Vienna.. They consist of both audience awards and awards given by the Austrian Academy. The Romys were created in 1990 in honour of the late actress Romy Schneider by the Austrian newspaper Kurier. The newly established ROMY Academy consists of all previous 259 winners, and awards prizes to directors, cameramen and other crew. 

The audience voting was considered a great success as over 115,000 votes were submitted. However, there was a bit of a scandal with Dominic Heinzl's win as Most Popular Moderator. He works on the public broadcaster ORF, and private channel ATV made accusations of vote manipulation when their moderator Volker Piesczek didn't win. They've threatened a boycott of the ceremonies for next year.

American actress Olivia Wilde from the television series House took part in the ceremony. She was a presenter and gave the Most Popular Television Star award to actress Ursula Strauss.

Complete list of 2010 Romy Award winners


Most Popular Actress
Bibiana Zeller 

Most Popular Actor
Christoph Waltz 

Most popular talk-show host

Andreas Wojta and Alexander Fankhauser 

Most popular Moderator 

Dominic Heinzl 

Most popular Comedian

Robert Palfrader and Rudi Roubinek 

Most popular television star

Ursula Strauss 


Best screenplay

Wolf Haas, Josef Hader and Wolfgang Murnberger, Der Knochenmann (The Bone Man)

Best TV-Film screenplay

Uli Brée, Live is Life

Best TV Documentary

Andrea Eckert and Mark Fischer, Die Lebensreise des Frederic Morton (The Life of Frederic Morton)

Best Cinema Documentary

Werner Boote, Plastic Planet

Best TV Movie

Director / Production / Camera: Julian Pölsler, Dieter Pochlatko, Martin Gschlacht, Geliebter Johann, geliebte Anna (Dear John, Dear Anna)

Best Movie

Director / Production / Photography: Michael Haneke, Veit Heiduschka, Michael Katz and Christian Berger, Das weiße Band (The White Ribbon)

Special Prizes of the ORF: Shooting Stars
Cristiana Capotondi, David Kross 

ROMY Platinum Life Achievement

Klaus Maria Brandauer

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