Monday, August 9, 2010

Free screening in Toronto of Going the Distance, August 19

The Cinema Studies Student Union (CINSSU) at the University of Toronto regularly screens free films at Innis Town Hall (2 Sussex Avenue), especially on Friday nights during the school year as part of their Free Friday Films series. But every once in a while they partner with distributors to present advance screenings of films before their official release date. On August 19 at 7pm, they will host an advance screening of the romantic comedy Going the Distance, starring Drew Barrymore and Justin Long (the "Hello, I'm a Mac" guy).

You can take your chances with the rush line on the 19th, but if the theatre reaches capacity, not everyone from the rush line will get in. You're better off to drop by the CINSSU offices to pick up a pass for the screening. Whenever they have an advance screening, they have two lineups - one for passholders and the other for those without passes, ie. the rush line. Naturally, the passholders are admitted first.

They begin giving out the passes today, August 9, and usually run out after a few days. You can pick up your passes anytime between 12-4pm. The CINSSU office is located at  Rm. 107, right next to the Cafe.
Here is the information from CINSSU's Going the Distance Facebook page, but note that responding on the Facebook page does nothing. You still should pick up a pass from their office.

CINSSU and Warner Bros. present a sneak preview of GOING THE DISTANCE on Thursday, August 19th at 7:00pm sharp. Synopsis below.

DISCLAIMER: RSVP-ING TO THE FACEBOOK GROUP DOES NOT GUARANTEE YOU ENTRY TO THE SCREENING. Please arrive early as the screening starts promptly at 7pm.

PASSES AVAILABLE THIS WEEK at Room 107, Innis College, 2 Sussex Ave.
Office Hours between 12-4, Monday to Friday (starting August 9)


Erin's (Drew Barrymore) wry wit and unfiltered frankness charm newly single Garrett (Justin Long) over beer, bar trivia and breakfast the next morning. Their chemistry sparks a full-fledged summer fling, but neither expects it to last once Erin heads home to San Francisco and Garrett stays behind for his job in New York City. But when six weeks of romping through the city inadvertently become meaningful, neither is sure they want it to end.

And while Garrett's friends, Box (Jason Sudeikis) and Dan (Charlie Day), joke about his pre-flight calorie cutting and his full-time relationship with his cell phone, they don't like losing their best drinking buddy to yet another rocky romance. At the same time, Erin's high-strung, overprotective married sister, Corrine (Christina Applegate), wants to keep Erin from heading down an all-too-familiar road.

But despite the opposite coasts, the nay-saying friends and family, and a few unexpected temptations, the couple just might have found something like love, and with the help of a lot of texting, sexting and late-night phone calls, they might actually go the distance.


This screening is brought to you by Warner Bros. and CINSSU. The film opens on August 27th.

Passes must be picked up in person at our office at 2 Sussex Ave., Rm. 107 (right next to the Cafe). We do not reserve passes. Office hours will be announced soon, so check back often.

Seating is limited and not guaranteed. Passholders will be admitted first. Each pass admits two people. Non-passholders will have to wait in the rush line. Please arrive early. The screening starts at 7:30pm sharp.

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