Friday, May 21, 2010

Free Ben & Jerry's ice cream at the Varsity Theatre (Toronto) [UPDATED]

For moviegoers in Toronto, you can look forward to a added bonus to your viewing pleasure this long weekend. Over the next few evenings from 5-10pm, Ben & Jerry's has set up a stall will be providing free samples of their "We are Waffling" flavour in the lobby of the Varsity Theatre in Toronto (55 Bloor Street West, in the Manulife Centre). It's part of a promotion Ben & Jerry's has launched to find a new name for the flavour.

[UPDATE: The promotion is happening across Canada at many other theatres. For example, a booth was set up at the Scotiabank (formerly Paramount) Theatre, 259 Richmond Street West, at the top of the escalators. You don't even need a ticket to go up and have a scoop or two. Or three.]

After sampling the ice cream, you can head over to their website at Click on "We are Waffling" and fill out the form. If they pick your new name for the flavour, you can win a one-year supply of free ice cream.

I've sampled the flavour (okay, I may have had more than one sample - they didn't at all mind people coming back repeatedly) and it's quite tasty. It consists of vanilla with fudge swirl and fudge-covered waffle cone pieces. The name "We are Waffling" is clever in that it also indicate that it is a temporary name.

The flavour is essentially the same one inspired by television comedian Stephen Colbert called "AmeriCone Dream." I'm guessing that they decided that name wouldn't be such a hot seller outside their borders. Colbert joked that the ice cream actually tastes like he does

They are also handing out coupons for $2 off purchases of their ice cream pints. 

Good luck in coming up with a new name!

For information on the Varsity Cinema, check the Cineplex website.

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